About us

In Southern Bohemia, J. P. Barták started work on June 12, 1922, in Protivín. He went there with J. Kotouč, V. Huňatý, and J. Zákoucký. For a week, they spoke every evening at the memorial monument for the soldiers killed in World War I. Later, meetings were held in the yard of Methodist church friend, then in rented room, and finally in a tent at the old cemetery. Karel Drahorád was named preacher of the congregation, a building was bought and in November of the year, it was dedicated. On February 25, 1923, at the first Lord´s Supper service, on hundred twenty-five persons were received into full membership.The period of normalization

Church wasn´t free of confrontation. The first serious intervention by the state came, when on November 15, 1972, Rev. Josef Sedláček in the Plzeň church lost his state permit to preach. The official charge was that he had performed a baptism in Protivín, where he lived with his wife, who herself was the appointed preacher there. The real reason, however, was that the man, who was baptized, was the son of a highly positioned official of the Communist party. The ensuing court proceedings were really a manifest threat to the church, and Rev. Sedláček was sentenced to serve time. Although, he was pardoned shortly after his incarceration because of general amnesty. His permit to preach was never restored. During a trial, the state prosecutor also attacked the church itself, which led the church representative present at the proceedings to lodge an official protest with attorney general. At a final consequence of this incident, Rev. Zuzana Sedláčková (a wife of Rev. Sedláček) was forced to move from Protivín church. In December 1974 she was appointed to Slovakia. In August 1979, she left with her daughter on vacation to Yugoslavia. After some complicated travelling, and taking advantage of the closed borders with Romania, the entire family emigrated to Switzerland. This was the first and only case where an actively serving minister crossed the borders illegally.This church was founded in 1922 during a week of a street evangelism. Several people became Christian’s thanks this activity, even though it seemed that the work here would not be easy in this town in the beginning. But in six months the number of believers increased into 126. Since 1923 we have had here our own church building, where we meet regularly.

The church still existed during the communism, thanks the God’s grace, but many people left it in 40 years and new did not come. In 1975 a new pastor called Rev. Alena Prochazkova came to the congregation and during following 20 years came new people to the church and thanks her blessed ministry the congregation “did not died”. After the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989 it was allowed us to preach in the streets and the door of our church could be finally quite open. Some new and young people came to the church in the 90´s. The new opportunities of the ministry were open that were not possible during the communism period.In the charge of Protivin were in the past any congregations or mission places. We have now three congregation: Protivin, Bechyne, and in Tyn nad Vltavou. There was a Methodist congregation since 1924. Since 1990 exists as a part of Christian fellowship Samaria. Since 2008 is a part of the UMC again.

Nowadays we have in all three congregations about 50 members but the number of those who meet each Sunday is about 20–25 in Protivin, about 15 -20 in Tyn, and 4 – 6 in Bechyne. We have worked with children from the town for 3 years. Their age is 6–15 between. We organize for them a sport afternoon each two Saturdays. Children use to go there and their number is about 10–15, sometimes more. We want to continue with the work among children and youth.